Wildwash Purrfect Cat Shampoo - 250ml


Wildwash Purrfect Cat Shampoo – 250ml


Our Purrfect Cat Shampoo uses a Catnip Infusion to help make bath time a pleasurable experience for your feline friend. Bath time could now be their favourite time!

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Cat grooming is a rapidly growing industry. With the rise in numbers of people owning pedigree, long haired cats, there is a huge demand for a good cat shampoo. It is also very important to use a natural product on cats as they wash themselves.
Hannah Taylor – Cat Owner
My cat struggles to clean himself as he has incredibly long hair. Bath time used to be very difficult but now he starts purring as soon as I get the shampoo out! It has certainly made bath time more pleasurable. Thank you WildWash.


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